How it works




Wash hands thoroughly with
Twist and pull the safety pin
Press lancet firmly against the tip
of your finger and push the button
soap & water
away from device




Place ONE drop of blood
Place two drops of
Read result at exactly 15
developer on to blood sample
(~ rice size) in the sample well
minutes after STEP 5

How to read the result

Negative Result

Positive Result

- No Hiv Detected - Hiv Detected
- Pink line next to "C" - Pink Line next to "C" and
- No pink line next to "T" - Pink line next to "T"

Note: If there is no pink line next to "c", regardless of whether there is a pink line next to "T" or not, the test is invalid and must repeated with another One Step HIV Test™ kit. Also, reading must be taken at exactly 15 minutes after step 5. Please ignore any change in result that might appear afterwards, and discard the test kit after taking the reading to avoid any confusion. If you add more than one drop of blood into the sample well in step 4, the test is likely to be rendered invalid.

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The steps involved in performing the test must be followed exactly. No body fluid other than blood may be used. If there has been a possible exposure to infected blood, and the person tests negative for HIV, the test must be repeated in 12 weeks and, if still negative, again in 6 months. It is imperative that a positive HIV test result be followed by a doctor or clinic for retesting using Western Blot or PCR to confirm whether a person is infected with HIV or not. One Step HIV Test™ assumes no liability for the use and/or the results of the One Step HIV test kit.


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